Women’s College Hospital

‘Health Gap’ Exposed in Women’s Health

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With over 100 years of experience in women’s health, Women’s College Hospital (WCH) was a respected institution but was often over-shadowed by larger hospitals. With a newly renovated facility, we had an opportunity to demonstrate how WCH was revolutionizing healthcare for women.


Through extensive research we uncovered that women are largely overlooked and underserved by the healthcare system. Tapping into the popular notion of the wage gap, a pay discrepancy between men and women, we created a concept around the ‘Health Gap’ to illustrate the potential issues that arise for women when society doesn’t consider sex and gender differences in healthcare.

We launched the campaign through a fully integrated plan that included a microsite, print and outdoor advertising, media relations, social media, influencer engagement, and digital advertising. Furthermore, the hospital itself was dressed in ‘Health Gap’ messaging so that staff and patients alike would come to live and breathe the campaign’s purpose.

The Health Gap campaign represented a bold departure from WCH’s traditional communication, and the results back up the strength of our approach. WCH saw an exponential increase in donations as well as requests from volunteers. We generated over 65 million impressions across all channels, had over 40,000 visitors to the microsite, and sparked an important conversation between media, influencers and the public about gaps in the healthcare system.

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