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There is a growing awareness of the personal, social, and public costs of sexual harassment. Numerous studies show the connection between sexual harassment of a child and the later development of violent and delinquent behavior. Children who are harassed are at greater risk of failing in school, suffering physical and learning disabilities, and requiring mental health services.

It is time to spotlight this issue. DEVA has launched "Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention -SHAP-" to challenge educators, parents, students, and community members to tackle the continuing problem of sexual harassment at schools. With fresh insights and renewed commitment, we can change the school climate to ensure that all students have a fair chance to learn unencumbered by sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a common form of violence that can cause enduring psychological harm. Both women and men are targets of such behavior, but evidence has shown that sexual harassment is primarily aimed at women. There is no nationally representative data on the scope of the problem in Egypt. This is a significant knowledge gap, as experiencing sexual harassment can derail a children’s educational attainment.


SHAP was inspired by the voices of young Egyptian people who know that violence in schools stands as a huge obstacle to a better future.

A coalition of partners has joined together to build on the important work already being done to end sexual harassment in and through schools.

Partners come from both the education and child rights communities; they include government, Civil Society and leading voices for progress on both SDG 4 and SDG 16, underscoring that there are multiple wins if we end violence in and through schools.

We have developed a five-point Call to Action which sets out in high-level terms what needs to happen to end violence in schools.

Working together, we can mobilize new resources, advocate for policy changes, share proven solutions and test new ideas to ensure all children — including those that are most marginalized — are safe to learn.

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