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A feeling of belonging and a sense of purpose are two of the major ingredients of happiness. And this was our priority as we thoughtfully developed our brand strategy for Redbridge community. At Redbridge you'll find inviting spaces and resort-level amenities designed to pursue your individual goals and create meaningful connections with others, all set within a city that is renowned for its relaxed and welcoming nature and a pace of life that puts happiness first.


  • Redbridge is Nature- For thousands of years, leading minds have identified the importance of nature on humankind. Now science proves it. The restorative benefits lead to reduced stress, blood pressure, muscle tension and BMI, as well as improved focus and many more positives. In our strategy we focused on how the prospect buyer can enjoy unlimited access to nature’s benefits, in one of British Columbia’s most dramatic and verdant coastal landscapes.
  • Redbridge is Adventure- There’s nothing like the feeling of ease and freedom that comes from nature. Known as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada, Squamish is a year-round adventure playground perfect for getting lost and finding yourself. With its world-famous terrain and immersive beauty, it’s a destination that attracts enthusiasts from all over the globe. Whatever activity you choose, there are few places on earth which move your soul like Squamish.
  • Redbridge is Location- Living each day to the fullest. This ideal was at the heart of our brand strategy. Here you can stroll over the architect-designed Red Bridge and through Rose Park to the specialty shops, independent cafes and major retailers of downtown Squamish.
  • Redbridge is Opportunity- Much like nature, we need the space and conditions to grow. In Redbridge at Squamish you have just that. A close-knit community, a thriving economy, and a rejuvenating environment all encouraging personal and professional growth. an average household incomes, lower expenses and healthier lifestyles have made Squamish one of the fastest growing communities in BC. So if you thrive on new experiences, Redbridge is made for you.

Life is always more enjoyable when you can spend more time on the things, and people, that matter. That’s why we’ve worked with our client to incorporate a thoughtful selection of retail services close by. So people can meet up with friends and be energized by the buzz of the community as much as the freshly ground, specialty coffee, or pick up those little necessities you just can’t do without - all conveniently on the doorstep.

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