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The jewellery market in Egypt is abuzz with new trends tirelessly, changing its course in the blink of an eye. In such a competitive market, Nadine’s relentless passion for crafting the unique needed an incredible storyline to strongly advocate its core principles- Craftsmanship, Quality, Service and Purity exuding a strong sense of luxury.


  • Client's Vision to Outshine- It was crystal clear that Nadine, the brand itself and its eccentric creations are not for masses, but a niche audience who loves art and indulging in aesthetic experience. The brand wished to attach with its jewellery the feeling of exclusiveness and a pride in owning Nadine’s designs. The onus was on us to design a distinctive corporate identity using digital marketing tools, that are both cost-effective and client engaging.
  • Giving Wings to Digital Aspirations- Micro-targeting strategy was adopted to maximize the visibility of the brand. The social media campaigns with an elegant and quirky twist brought out the real essence of Bharatji’s designs. From Facebook posts to email marketing, our strategy was completely consumer-centric that enhanced the customer engagement with the brand, leading to establish strong sales and brand loyalty.
  • Fashionable Results- We launched many successful seasonal campaigns to boost sales. We targeted their audience carefully—young people in their 20s, living in Cairo, Giza and Alexandria who were likely to purchase jewellery within 30 days. Then we delivered beautiful, hand-painted display ads and compelling pay-per-click creative, including retargeting people who had previously visited their social media channels.

After six months of launching, referrals from social media channels increased 650 percent. At a time when most companies are lamenting the end of organic traffic from social, Nadine Sherif Jewellery is continuing to pull in new prospects through this channel. And that holiday campaign? People really responded. The display campaign received a click-through-rate twice the industry average, with a mobile CTR almost five times the industry average! Not only that, but the week of Valentine, the client said they had a line out the door. “That was never expected.”

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