It may sound kind of ambitious, but we’re trying to change the world.
What changes the world?
It’s simple really. Passion does. Empathy does. The big feelings that lead to action, that lead to movements. You can’t change the world without evoking emotion—and you can’t evoke emotion without creativity.

Creativity is a uniqueness-unlocker, a weaver of tales, a maker of connections and a solver of problems. It’s the spark behind every major shift for our society—and wow, do we ever need that spark right now. It’s why creativity underpins everything we do, whether we’re creating a brand people want to come back to over and over, building a digital product or platform to delight and connect the dots for your audiences, or telling your story to shift mindsets.

Are we your typical branding and website agency? In a lot of ways, yes. But we like to think in terms of impact. And our impact sits right in the middle of creativity and momentum. Momentum for your movement, to amplify your passion and to accelerate the change you want to see.

DEVA builds the tools that start your momentum. Ready to change the world? Let’s go.

Purpose-Led Branding

Expressing your brand's unique personality.

What is ‘brand’, anyway? It’s much more than your logo. It’s the sum total of everything anyone feels or says about you. It’s the impression your audiences hold of you in the mind’s eye. Your brand is where it all starts. It needs to capture the right strategy, tell the right story and create the right feelings.

DEVA has the clear vision and deep marketing expertise to deliver brand strategy and development that can’t be surpassed. We’ll help you achieve your business goals by building a rock solid brand — which all starts with clearly articulating your message, mission, audiences, and key differentiators.

From strategy building, to naming, to identity design brands or rebrands—our team wants to decode the power of brand, so you can harness it to make the broadest-possible impact.

Step 1: We pair our expertise with research and analytics chops to audit the landscape and define the “white space” in the market where your brand can lay claim.
Step 2: Our creative talent gets to work developing the assets and messaging that will inform future campaigns and plans — and, of course, drive business success.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • Sustainable brand discovery and audit.
  • Brand personality and identity development.
  • Visual branding: logo, brand guidelines, color palette.
  • Verbal branding: brand voice and tone, value prop, tagline development.
  • Strategic positioning and messaging.


Creating breakthrough work that connects with the heart.

Advertising isn’t just about capturing mindshare and turning heads — it’s about winning hearts. Great brands use great ads to compel people to sit up, listen, and invest in the product or service. But where do those brands turn for great ad ideas and execution?

They turn to DEVA Creative. Using custom-designed, creative storytelling and big-idea thinking, we’re an advertising partner that helps clients find their authentic voice, showcase the heart and soul of their brand, and connect with their audiences.

Whatever your ad needs and whatever the medium, DEVA’s advertising, media planning, and media buying teams will deliver results.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • Copywriting, art direction, and graphic/content design, for TV, radio, print, and social/digital advertising.
  • Market and audience research, insights, and strategy.
  • Brand messaging, positioning, and strategy.
  • Creative ideation, conceptual development, and execution for campaigns or targeted assignments.
  • Photography and Video/broadcast production.
  • Interactive ad content creation and design.
  • SEM and PPC.
Country Hills Golf Club
Sexual Harassment and Prevention Campaign

Public Relations

Telling brand stories in memorable, masterful ways.

What makes a brand activation successful? It’s when your product or service aligns with what your audience wants and needs — and that unique value is communicated to them effectively.

DEVA will help you do it, using the smartest, most strategic public relations solutions found anywhere.

When it comes to earned media, we take a data-driven approach that captures the hearts and minds of consumers and a creative storytelling angle guaranteed to break through the clutter of a busy news cycle.

DEVA team has established long-term, highly engaged relationships with media, and we have influencer and business partnerships across the country and around the world.

We are sought out by the media for story ideas and influencers for partnerships — meaning our clients are in demand, too. Our reputation as a dependable conduit for news and on-trend content makes us a go-to source for the media and allows our clients to be seen and heard.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • Media relations.
  • Social media.
  • Crisis communications/ Issues management.
  • Media training.
  • Message development.

Content Marketing

Crafting content that commands attention.

It’s no big secret: Content is king. It has the power to drive market visibility, industry authority, social share of voice, media attention, sales leads, and more. But that only happens if the content is top quality, creative, and engages the right audiences.

At DEVA, our team of experts creates content that takes brands to new successful heights.

They combine powerful tools — strategic thinking, creative chops, technical skills, and research-based audience data and insights. Then they collaborate with client and media teams across the agency to spot trends and opportunities, craft messaging that resonates, identify the right channels, and create attention-getting content that brings a story to life.

DEVA’s strategists and storytellers help our clients amplify brand visibility, become a leading industry voice, and achieve greater business success.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • Content strategy, analysis, and audit.
  • Editorial and thought leadership content creation: bylines, op-eds, case studies, blog posts, white papers, press releases.
  • Sales and marketing collateral: ebooks, decks, talk tracks, sales sheets.
  • Multimedia and interactive content: concept and production.
  • Design: graphic, motion, visual, presentations, infographics.
  • Landing page and website content and design.
  • Branded entertainment.
  • Script writing; speechwriting.
  • Company blog: strategy, editorial calendar, content creation.

Digital Marketing

Creating campaigns that compel, inspire, and engage.

The digital world is changing constantly and the landscape is more crowded than ever. You have to be an innovator and a disruptor, applying effective new ways to find your audience, grab their attention, create connections and engagement, and inspire action.

DEVA helps you stand out in the digital space.

Pulling from our unmatched digital marketing expertise, we create data-driven, multichannel marketing and communications campaigns. They’re strategically designed to build brand visibility and value, position company executives as thought leaders, boost audience engagement, generate leads, and drive business results.

DEVA digital marketing experts seamlessly integrate the latest digital tactics into our campaigns.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • CB2B and B2C digital campaigns.
  • Digital content strategy, production, and SEO.
  • Digital activations and events: roundtables, webinars, product launches, trade shows.
  • Consultation on/management of marketing automation, CRM, MarTech platforms.
  • Social media strategy and execution: social takeovers; curated social content; custom hashtags.
  • Measurement of social engagement, audience, and reach.
  • Media planning and management including paid search, social and banner ads.
  • Influencer engagement and partnerships.

Corporate Communications

Crafting words that drive positive perceptions.

Companies today have to do more than deliver a product or service. They have to take a stand on important issues — that’s what customers, partners, and employees expect. But communicating your company’s principles and opinions is a delicate challenge, always requiring the right words and right tone.

Balancing thought leadership and reputation management, DEVA crafts corporate communications that drive positive perception and reach key goals.

We work to build awareness, shape stakeholder opinions, drum up advocacy for important issues, engage customers and employees, and protect reputations — in good times and bad.

Our corporate communications experts partner closely with your company’s leaders and offer a full suite of capabilities, including:

  • Corporate reputation strategy and planning.
  • C-Suite communications and content development.
  • Investor relations.
  • Messaging development and workshops.
  • Crisis planning, management, and communications.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Internal and external thought leadership/content programs.
  • Change communications (M&A, financial, leadership transitions, product recall).
  • Speaking engagements and speechwriting.
  • Client testimonials.

CSR and Sustainability Communications

DEVA helps clients become catalysts for progress.

You put a lot of effort into your sustainability practice. It’s our job to embrace the hard work, tough decisions and in-progress nature of your positive change through conscientious design. It’s not limited to sustainability or CSR reports—although we love writing and designing those for you—it’s about being seen doing it. It’s about crafting messaging for the right mediums, in the right channels at the right time. We help you understand your audiences and the particular ways they want to engage with your sustainability wins, so you can expand your sphere of influence.

Sustainability reports become microsites, or social media highlights for customers. Stakeholder dialogue evolves into a stakeholder engagement platform or campaign. Alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals transforms into a call to action, creating partnerships with adjacent organizations.

You’ve worked hard to develop a culture of sustainability, let’s spread the word in meaningful ways.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • Sustainability communications and storytelling.
  • Strategy and goal setting according to global frameworks (Sustainable Development Goals, Tranformational Company Qualities, GRI etc.).
  • Brand sentiment, reputation analysis, and industry awareness.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) counsel, strategy, and programs.
  • Corporate social responsibility/ESG strategy and programs.
  • Social relevance, sentiment, and engagement.
  • Brand ambassador programs.
  • CSR report writing and design.

Sustainable Event Management

Green hospitality for a brighter future.

Environmentally friendly events not only make people feel good but help improve a company’s reputation. Being greener and focusing on sustainability can lead to repeat bookings and increased return on investment.

What is a sustainable event and why is it important?
On average a conference can produce up to 1000 kg of CO2 per attendee which can add up pretty quickly, and a music festival on average produces around 23,500 tonnes of waste. So you can see why the events industry as a whole has a responsibility to be better.
This is what drives us. We want to create better events without the environmental cost to safeguard a better future for our children and to support others to do the same.

From strategy building, to naming, to identity design brands or rebrands—our team wants to decode the power of brand, so you can harness it to make the broadest-possible impact.

DEVA knows events are the face of your organization, events can enhance brand, build reputation and demonstrate citizenship when they give back and reduce their environmental impacts.

Whether you're planning a dinner for key clients or a meeting or summer party, our background in hospitality events makes us ideally placed to help you create a fantastic - and sustainable - experience for your guests.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • Event concept design and organization support.
  • Supplier selection, assessment and negotiation.
  • Implementing sustainable practices.
  • Improving your event planning processes.
  • Providing tools to produce green event.
  • Sustainability consulting and reporting.

Website and Digital Experience Design

Turning bright ideas into digital realities.

Great websites do more than perform a function. Whether it’s designed to inform, create a marketplace or generate engagement—it’s a key tool in your creative communications toolkit.

We build creative, mobile-responsive websites that yield user-friendly experiences with fewer bounces, more click-throughs, and higher conversion. We’ll focus on the tech so you can focus on growing your business.

Digital experiences can be anything. They could be a website like this one, but they could be a cool dashboard app, an interactive calculator, or an entire SaaS product. And they could be found anywhere, from this browser tab, to a touchscreen, to a billboard in the real world. Whatever it is, wherever it is, if it combines digital technology with purpose and emotion, we can build it.

Plenty of companies can build you a visually stunning website. But why not trust DEVA to build it better? Before you begin, consider your digital marketing strategy: Does your site design achieve its objectives? Have you identified your audience? Do you know what they’re hoping to find? Building a website without a strategy is like building a house without a foundation. When you optimize your site, make it responsive, and provide ongoing support, you’re building it better.

DEVA's capabilities include:
  • Responsive website development.
  • Ecommerce development.
  • Sustainability landing pages and microsites.
  • Website maintenance services.
  • CMS development.
  • App design & development.

Let's make real change together.

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