Canada Goose

Sustainability Report 2020

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If today's reality has shown us anything, it’s how quickly change can come. From the pandemic, to social justice, to the environment - the world is collectively bearing witness to critical change that will be historically important.

As a brand born in the Arctic, sustainability is part of their DNA. They know what it means to use resources responsibly, what it means to support their communities and how they should support each other.

In 2019, Canada goose approached DEVA to set ambitious goals to reduce their negative impact on the environment while increasing their positive impact in human communities. During the dramatic changes of 2020, they forged boldly ahead toward those goals. Their innate sense of integrity, plus the newly Sustainable Impact Strategy that DEVA developed for them, serve as their compass.

This annual sustainability report, is the story of progress – them, their suppliers’, their community partners’. It’s a record of how they’re looking beyond today toward the horizon, to help shape how people and nature will interact over time.

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